my story

I knew at a very young age that I would end the programs that kept me from being my truest, most authentic expression of self and shattering other dis-empowering patterns found in my family lineage. 

My awakening happened 25 years ago at age 19. I had a bad case of Mononucleosis, Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Depression.  The doctors predicted I would need a lifetime of medication, because the depression and fatigue were life long disorders.  I had to gather any energy I had to to pull myself out of bed in the morning, as I lived continuously in a dark fog and constant confusion. As they handed over those first prescriptions and my diagnosis of illnesses, I claimed to take the power of my own body.

Even then, I remember and trusted in the power of my Body’s wisdom. That we all have a purpose and are divinely guided, that our intuition is powerful enough to steer us in the right direction regardless of the family judgment and traumas.  

I healed my Chronic Fatigue and Depression through my first cleanse and worked alongside a healer on my emotional health and forgiveness.   It took me 6 weeks to feel an unexplained awakening!  A new life had been unrolled ahead of me and I was set into learning and growing beyond my wildest dreams. The metaphorical butterfly, leaving the cacoon and growing wings became my new life.  My heart was leading the way to healing my own way.   

Through this radical empowerment and opened eyes, I embarked on my path of healing- - - self loathing, body image issues, self sacrifice, depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes, inflammation, hidden emotional traumas and other bumps along my path.  

Through the years the healing evolved.  

At the beginning of 2015 the stress from my online cleanse/coaching business (The 40 Day Green Cleanse) growing too fast and my Mother landing in the ER many times within the year, created a trauma that led me to feeling ill again.  How could someone that lives and eats  so clean and works constantly with various healing modalities to help others, fall ill again?  The question laid heavy on my heart.   

My symptoms were body pains, inflammation, fibromyalgia, bouts of depression and confusion.  The worst part, was the loss of connection to my Source and intuitive abilities.   I realized there was something deeper at work.  It pulled me back down from my connection, so I can find the true seed of the physical manifestation. Over time, I finally physically healed including a cyclical virus called chronic Epstein-Barr. Which, through my healing, was very successful and making dormant, over and over again throughout the years. There was an underlying issues at work, that I didn’t realize what was hindering my ability to fully heal.  

I was hit with another hard hitting diagnoses, which would hide and keep it self safe from being completely eliminated.  It pushed me to train deeper into genetic, soul, collective, and core beliefs.   Through these health opportunities, I’ve become more compassionate, sensitive, and trusting in the magic of possibilities. Understanding that we are our own true healers and being able to help others where doctors can fall short. I found a deeper connection to a gift of mine; medical intuition, to be the missing link and partner in finding a way through the fog of the western conditioning and conventional advice.  

I have received signs and clues along the way that point to my physical and emotional bodies were ready to be healed and could bring me into a higher state of my potential. Bring me to who I am as a person, healer, teacher and truest self. I feel I have been gifted with the ability to FEEL and HEAL what is ready to be let go and BRING on a new perspective to anyone who crosses my path. I’m also grateful for my ability to see beyond the veil and work in areas that others may not be able to see or even begin to understand. 

Along my way I had to learn to love and trust myself in a way that wasn’t shown to me in my family.   I had to develop the tools that no one else shared with me growing up.  I realized how valuable self care through the lens of self love really was.  

My recent up-leveling has been through the cancer journey.  I believe it was given to me as a choice I made to expand in consciousness and rewire, reconnect, and remember the light and power within me.   Cancer was within me for years and I am grateful I understood the shaky ground that I was walking on with chronic Epstein Barr virus. It was a big part of what shot down my defenses, and triggered a low immune system that could not effectively eliminate the cancer.  

The awareness and healing has been like no other and I would never have discovered the healing world, or my truest gifts in totality without cancer.  What I have been able to do with myself is a gift to pass on, and I’m looking forward to doing so.

I believe in our Body’s ability to heal and grow. That our purpose can be realized by a new re-connection to self and the planet, that we can be expressed in a way that is authentic and unique to us, and the trust in our inner guidance to lead us on the right path and create a new story.  

Although I honor and love my family lineage of origin, I am here to bring a new energy, a new story, a new path that leads to changing the way I see the present moment and the way I decide to create my future.    

I am also here to embody the Divine Feminine, to help restore the sacred balance on Earth and help bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies on the planet in a compassionate and honorable way as we pave the path for the future generations. 

By sharing my story and my wisdom of the last 25 years since my first awakening, I hope to provide the encouragement for others to explore the wide possibilities of healing available to them. I want others to know that they are not alone.  Health issues, cancer and an uncertain path can be a challenging journey and we certainly can’t do it alone.   

I believe we all have the power to call in balance in all areas of our life and I am here to guide you to your own wisdom on how to heal your way.

It is your birthright to be expressed in this world and feel fulfilled while being divinely supported!

I know how truly challenging it can be to begin the process of sharing the truth of inner conflict, abuse and traumas, outdated patterns and addictions. I also know how truly challenging it can be to take those first steps to change our lives. For those who feel alone and are seeking a guiding light- I am here to help you find yours.  

I am happy to be YOUR guiding light and empower your own healing and inner guidance to illuminate your way.