Fire- part of our internal awakening

Fire is a way to renew and regenerate.  It has been showing up all around my state of California, more now than before.  The Earth’s nature is powerful in ways that go beyond your comfort zone.  Right now our Earth is going through major shifts using her natural elements; fire, earth, water, air. The effects are profound.  The changes are so major that some of us say it is humanity’s fault, marking a sign of the times.

I agree, there are signs calling for us to connect even deeper to the truth of it all.  

Fire is not only cleansing, bringing new and rejuvenating life to Gaia, but it’s also a part of our internal awakening. Forcing us to take action and look at our current relationship in connection to the Mother and our own internal fire. 


Acceptance, and shifting our perspective is not easy when you have lost land, homes, and loved ones. Some people have been stripped from everything all the way down to the bone. I am fully aware that it’s easier being on the outside.  Yes on the outside, but I feel deeply that we are all connected.   

How can we come to accept such tragedy? 

I cry for the animals, the children, families lost, and those amazing trees that are so valued in my heart.   My tears are cleansing and yet I know it is part of a grand cycle.  

To find the full story click HERE.  More links below on how to help the California fire survivers.

To find the full story click HERE. More links below on how to help the California fire survivers.

I live a good distance from the fires but, while sleeping my dreams have been of memory recalling my youth living in the California foothills. Every 3-5 years, raging fires would come in from a different direction directly in back of our home.  The firemen saved our home time and time again. Our home was continually threatened by fires but saved by the grace of winds. 

My Grandma would take the credit and claim that our home was saved because of her prayers. She was indeed magical.  But…

To live or to die, to be saved or to experience loss is all the same in the truth of it all.   It’s all part of a Divine plan, part of our Sacred Contract, part of a new beginning.   It is neither good nor bad.  

It just is what it is.  And, yes easier said than done.   But, to investigate further what our own inner fires have to offer is what I am also curious about. I still had truama from fires as a child, and now I had the opportunity to handle it differently.

The horrific nightmares of being engulfed by fire and chased down my street were haunting as a child. This lasted for years- and again I’ve had a few nights of these recalls as the fires were burning in surrounding cities.  I could literally smell the fire as my dreams took me back to my childhood experience.  

In a dream the other night, my life and my son were threatened by a horrific raging fire. The fire was blazing and coming down the hills and I ran as fast as I could to my son who was with our dog Luna. Although it was a dream, I remembered to pray to my “channel”, my higher self, and the Creator. I felt immense gratitude that I had the capacity to connect to spirit even within the chaos of the fire and our life being threatened. I never reached my son but because of the prayer my dream shifted into another reality. 

Did I die or did I choose another reality other than a fear based dream? What if I didn’t pray or connect to spirit?  I believe my prayer was the comfort I longed for as a child during the nightmares. I was able to bring that in now and shift myself to a better place. There was healing that happened and so much comfort within the shift. They say when you master your dreams you are better at mastering your waking life. I love that, and have always taught this to my son; to pray during an unpleasant dream for support from his Angels and choose a better ending. At least he feels the comfort of not being alone and knowing he can ask for help whenver he wants to. It is a practice.

Believe and use the power of prayer to call on your Angels, Divine Channel, God, or whatever comforts you to shift the waking or sleeping dreams to a place of stillness.  Remember your why for living. We have the power to shift internally through our connection to divinity to create peace within regardless of the outer circumstances.  Find the gift within the current dramatic changes and remember that you are eternal and have chosen this life and these lessons from a place of power, grace, and connection all while balancing your internal elements.   

The pieces that make up the truth of who you are can never be destroyed.  

They are to be remembered! 

~Yve Hart

Rewire, Reconnect, Remember

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Yve Hart