Upgrade vs Illness

Have you ever STOPPED what you were doing and listened deeply?  And really listened.   


It's common for our bodies to communicate that "something" feels off.  And many times we react to that silence or that inner voice with a movie, scrolling Facebook, or a weekend getaway.  No matter how much we try to quiet that inner voice, we can never quiet it.  We end up feeling even more out of ease when we continue to ignore it.

In my case, I had to reach a point of surrender with a certain health opportunity. Simply, shifting my vocabulary, stopping to deeply listen to my inner guidance changed my perspective and my outcome.  Calling the inherited virus that led to cancer August 2017 an opportunity was a great start.

“Personal perspective is powerful because it ignites inspired action which in turn creates momentum through confidence.” 


At the time, I was frustrated, scared and I felt a great deal of shame when I went into the dark of an unknown illness that in turn made me feel completely disconnected from Source.  In my experience, regardless of how healthy I was eating and how dedicated to health and prayer I was, it was frustrating, scary, and I felt a great deal of shame- especially as a healer and health advocate.

I was surrounded by that darkness when my family experienced the loss of close family members, which also included the loss of my own Mother followed by even more loss.

The stress of that experience and other stressors was the cause for an unknown dormant virus in me to flare.  From connection, aliveness and being a shining light of health to feeling confusion, brain fog, body pain, loss of energy, loss of memory, and completely disconnected spiritually.  Other than the experience of loss, anxiety, and grief, people don’t normally experience the symptoms that dramatic unless there is something else going on deep inside.

Body Wise

The body is wise and will start pushing your buttons until you listen.  So, I started asking for guidance from my higher self, Source, and my guides, on clues and where to turn for help.   Soon enough, miracles through synchronicity were falling on my lap about a virus that I had since birth that was at the root of many unexplained health opportunities.   SINCE BIRTH. That explains a lot! I am certain this virus was at the root of my Cancer diagnosis. 

“In fact, Inheriting an illness and experiencing cancer CAN be a source of POWER!

I'm blessed to know the name of the virus (Chronic Epstein Barr Virus) that left me and doctors baffled during past battles.   Ultimately, I gained a sense of control knowing that I had finally received the answers I needed to heal.  In other words, the virus which led to the cancer, which led me to go deeper into my own wisdom and now sharing my story to serve others.

“Presence is an absolute gift and a portal into divine knowledge and body awareness.  Through our sacred body temple which is connected to Source, and IS SOURCE, will the desired answers rise to the surface." - Yve Hart


I certainly followed my inner genius STOP EVERYTHING.  It eventually led to upgrade all my healing methods and the work I do for myself and others, with healing techniques,  genetic work, and specific nutrition. I started seeing immediate results. Since 2016 I have been diving deep receiving deep training in the genetic root causes of illness and how to change them. All beliefs and emotions cause emotional disturbances and imbalance the body's vibration or frequency that can attract issues.  Mastering this played a major role for me in giving me answers in my own healing and it served my clients with the healing they much so desired in my program once I started gaining some health back again.


In other words, I chose to embrace my health opportunities and I also chose to overcome what didn’t serve me by opening up and being curious to new healing modalities for my own self care tool box.  These opportunities have led my body, mind, and spirit to venture into new and amazing realities. We all have the capacity to do just that.

“I now know how it feels to be on the brink of losing my life due to a health “crisis.”  And I can say that I am blessed that I allowed myself to feel it in order to heal it.”

I can feel you

I feel so many of you who have no clue on why you feel the way you do.  There could be so many reasons for feeling out of sorts, lost, brain fog, or you simply are not satisfied with the answers coming from friends, family, healers, and even doctors.  I get that! I really do.

Ask for guidance

I have been a mystery to doctors since I was very young and have taken my health into my own hands since 19 years old.  It is not easy to be misunderstood and at the same time I have developed more trust in my own healing by receiving the guidance I need by praying, listening through meditation, and ultimately TRUSTING the support from the physical and spiritual realms. If you don't know how to pray or intend with an open heart, then ask a friend, or a coach to help you.  There is a way and there is help!

“Food, cleansing, supplements, exercise, nature, support from the SEEN and UNSEEN realms are VITAL!”

If you choose to take prescriptions, incorporating holistic wellness is part of the balance.

Take control of your health and wellness!  It is the path to personal fulfillment.

And,  know it or not, beliefs can be unconscious and not even realized until a “BIG BLOCK” shows up to be replaced by “A NEW STORY”, a new vibration, a new awareness.   It’s empowering to understand that.  Feel that in your bones, yes!

Know that there are is never just ONE WAY for you, but trust your own path and the life you choose to live. There is a way out!!  Going in and going through is the way. And even coaches, teachers, and healers need to pause every now and again!

To the great Creator and the Divine, I say THANK YOU for giving me these UPGRADED awareness, becoming a better Medical Intuitive for myself and others, and  all the wonderful tools that I have embodied to help myself and coach so many others into an optimum state of health they have a right to experience.   

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In writing this blog I am not yet in the clear from a dangerous breast cancer diagnosis that is fed by estrogen. I have let go of the fear and any advice that 6 conventional doctors have given me to take the highest dose of chemo, many sessions of radiation, and tamoxifan to shut down my estrogen which will put me into menopause. All those seem dangerous to me at this time. Some even wanted me to take out my ovaries and both breasts. I did opt in for one mastectomy in 2018 because of guidance and now have beautiful implants I can sport! I am not against traditional medicine - I will do what it takes to stay alive. I do follow my highest guidance and I am supported by so many family, healers from around the world, and alternative thinkers. My body is getting healthier by the day even after surgery. I am blessed.

Thank you!!

Trust your inner guidance~ Yve Hart


Yve Hart