Transcending fear into miracles- family story

Miracle alert!! As you all know, it’s been quite a ride this last year and a half with cancer. Our family has been challenged to remain in a space of optimism, peace, and acceptance. We admit, it’s not difficult to attach ourselves to negativity, pain, and darkness but we choose to rise above and see it from a higher perspective. We have been raising money to pay off substantial medical costs for alternative cancer treatments and a couple surgeries and are still experiencing cancer- and yet we allowed our vision to be received as a miracle!

My husband Armando and I have been intending to add to our family by bringing another child while also expanding what we offer in our business. We have been quite still and very inward for a while and we are ready to move in many ways while keeping on top of health opportunities. This movement and service is part of my healing. Nothing is gonna hold me back now!

First, I want to mention the most painful thing so far about cancer is that multiple doctors have warned me to NEVER carry a child again. Because of the type of breast cancer I’m experiencing, It’s simply too risky for both of our lives. I actually agree this time with the doctors. I have been without chemo or radiation against many doctors’ advice and will continue to try healing as naturally as I can- and getting pregnant will not be ok for my health at least any time soon.

But, changing the perspective on that particular situation is what I chose to do. We have jumped realities and it can be extremely difficult for many to continue to dream big while experiencing a life threatening health opportunity! It takes focus, trust, and prayers!

Creating a peaceful environment for our meditation and visualization practices are important and fun for us. Bells, drums, collages, incense, and divination cards are often times used. PHOTO:

Creating a peaceful environment for our meditation and visualization practices are important and fun for us. Bells, drums, collages, incense, and divination cards are often times used. PHOTO:

I have been talking about adoption for a while and maybe this is our opportunity to make room for another child in this way.

And yet, it’s incredibly painful when you have that choice to birth taken away. I felt old limiting feelings of oppression coming up for many months but I have worked with myself to change the ancestral ‘story’. That is in fact part of what I do for a living is help others’ change their beliefs (ancestral beliefs being one of them) to match the reality they want to create! I now accept this news and can move forward. And, I have.

So the amazing news is a few days ago (on day 40 of our Kirtan Kriya) we received the keys to what will be our new home. This home is not only for us to extend out family but as a healing space for community and educational events as well. We are hoping to raise funds for scholarships so that those with ‘health opportunities’ can also receive the healing they deserve. This is a major renovation and the home is stinky with wood rot, old carpet, and who knows what else-but the energy feels amazing.

Abundance comes in many ways, keep dreaming, visualizing, meditating, KNOWING, praying, vibrating, and experiencing! This abundance is not only for our family but the community as well.

We will have our current home on the market next week and we will truly miss our ‘Hart Hacienda’. It has brought us countless memories which includes the actual birth of my son in the center of our living room. I’m sure so many of you have a memory of being in our home!! Please share in the comments!

Our new home is located in the Cerritos Park area in Long Beach. It’s so exciting and we couldn’t have done this without my Fathers’ support and helping us to make this happen so we can just continue our healing without worrying about costs. His property will also be sold and he will move into a smaller home behind us on the same property. We can watch over each other and he will have RaYa to keep him full of life!! MIRACLE!

We can’t wait to share our space with all of you! We have a vision for classes, events, and celebrations to make new heart-felt memories. Perhaps another child will want to join us for the fun. ✨✨

Armando, RaYa, Luna and me~ #theharts PHOTO:

Armando, RaYa, Luna and me~ #theharts PHOTO:

Remember, there is no such thing as life “taking away”, on the contrary, life only gives! Sometimes our greatest falls result in the greatest heights. If Armando we’re writing this, he’d say the body invokes joy when it bounces and the same is true in life. 🙏🏼 Ups and downs are life and life is joy.

Thank you all for being there, here, and everywhere with us. We are truly grateful for your support and friendship and for those of you who know us, yep we did it again! The Hart’s always find a way to make the impossible possible- and so can YOU! ❤️👄

Remember to celebrate your miracles!

In love,

Yve Hart