Stop, drop in, receive

My head was swirling with ‘why me’???

Cancer was a mystery until I got to deeply sit with it and understand why it came to visit me in the first place.  I speak to it like it is a consciousness in my body, because it is.  I do not fight cancer, I invite it to speak to me. It helps me access the parts of me that weren’t felt, seen, or heard before.  I also now have new ways to work with ancestral patterns that are coming up to be cleared, healed, and resolved.

This in turn affects the vibration in my body that is the subconscious undercurrent of of ‘how’ I live my life.

The new way wants to be revealed…

We need to get back in touch with this harmony of balance with receiving vs always doing- doing- doing. You know the energy that comes from only the mind and not the heart-mind connection. This over-achiever energy is too much of an output of energy that is overdone in our culture. Most of us operate out of ‘survival’ vs. coherence. No wonder so many sensitive people have endocrine, immune and nervous systems out of whack!   When we truly get out of survival mode and listen the world is perceived very differently.

The understanding of who we are also completely changes.

I get this as it is so easy to get swept in the collective consciousness of action forward living and doing and achieving. It just did not serve me anymore.

Many of you who are sensitive, healers, and empaths tell me you also hear this call to be more feminine or 'allowing' vs always focused outward- but do not know how to stop being the old you, stop doing the same things, stop and truly listen in a new and balanced way.    I call it the ‘upgrade’. Some of you are noticing too how you are being asked to upgrade as well. This is being asked by the a new level of consciousness our planet is raising up to. We all play an essential role~

You may be urged to change your work in the world, end relationships, perhaps you are being called to be alone more, learn about healing modalities, crystals or herbs, get an urge to heal and tune in more to the body, be in nature, and start a complete new way of doing things in a new vibration.

It is not the ‘what’, it is the ‘how’ that makes the difference.

What I am talking about is not about gender, it is about finding our inner power and balance in our own healed masculine and healed feminine energy that we all possess. Taking care of you as much as you take care of anything outside of you is essential. But, it has to be done with new awareness that you can only receive when you allow the information to come through your personal ‘channel’.

There are many ways to receive, that is the mystery of life! Be open and you shall see how this will unfold for you. Old patterns and programs can be and usually are in the way of living in the new way. This is the time our collective is urged to heal the programs, beliefs and lower consciousness to go to the next level of human. On some level do you follow?

How to change these will appear when you are ready. All you have to do is ask!

Sometimes you just need to completely surrender to what Great Spirit or the Universe has to offer you.  Let the mind, and body rest and completely allow the higher information to come steaming through to guide your way.  This is how we should navigate life anyways.  This is truly trusting yourself and the Creator!


Stop, drop in, receive.  

Yes, I am still experiencing cancer. And, I am celebrating the great teacher it is!

Taken at the Optimum Health Institute after my 3 week cancer treatment in Tijuana, MX.

Taken at the Optimum Health Institute after my 3 week cancer treatment in Tijuana, MX.

Some call the invisible source energy you pray to or talk to GOD, GODDESS, DIVINE, CREATOR- whatever makes the most sense to you. The point is to trust this connection and receive the information meant for only for you in contrast to the overwhelming advice and collective beliefs constantly influencing our minds.

Is your body asking you to stop? What would happen if you stop your work and creative projects for a bit? To some people this is absolute death!

The Universe is not outside of you. It lives inside of all of us. We are part of the miracle of life that is called Creation! And, in our body’s cells also have this Universal knowing running through each one.

Understanding how to communicate with this innate intelligence has given me the greatest AHA moments.

Cancer played a part in my life because I had to understand the concept of fully and completely STOP, DROP IN, and RECEIVE. You would think I knew how to do this being in the healing arts business for so long. But it wasn’t what I was doing, but HOW I was doing it in. Vibration plays a big role and my ability to receive would have not come in if I had not stopped everything to truly listen. Listen to my subtle energies inside of me that were trying to get my attention.

But, there was so much more for me to learn vibrationally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You can eat clean, exercise, have great friends, be in the healing business, love your job and community, and still have a ‘health opportunity’ come knocking at your door- like I did. This could be your opportunity for your personal upgrade. Perhaps a new way is asking you to surrender to it.

Understand that stopping is so important when you hear the call to stop OR when your health is tapping you on the shoulder in the form of pain, discomfort or stress.

Remember, your healing has no time- it will take as long as it takes. The next steps will come , be patient and listen.

There is ‘no time’ when you understand ‘diving timing’.  

Living with cancer has created such a deep listening and ability to have super keen senses and intuition and communication to my innate intelligence.  It has been awesome but also the low days have been incredibly terrible, lonely, and quite desperate.   This happens right before the big breakthroughs.   When the breakthrough happens, everything that I have been experiencing is celebrated.

I have reached a point where I am at peace with how long I take to heal.

BUT, If I do not spend the time to mediate, ask, and wait to receive the next steps- then I would stay in the chaos.   Remember, it is not the ‘what’ I am doing that is the key', it is ‘how’ I am choosing to mediate, ask, and receive. The work I have done so far has given me a clearer access to do just this in a new alignment.

When normal fear creeps in it can escalate to quite the terror because I have a lot to loose!   My life, my son, my husband, my community, my service to the World!  But, I mostly do not allow the mind to play these dirty tricks because I know dwelling on this does no good.  I understand how fear interferes with my vibration and In turn a low vibration weakens the immune system which is essentail to healing.     

There has been a lot of purging of the old, crying and releasing, going inward to heal, and lots of inner studying of myself and modalities that make a difference for me in working with my own energy, raising my vibration, nutrition, natural plant and animal medicines, vibrational eating, cellular communication, and so much more.  Too much to mention in one blog post!  

Know all is well and I am in harmony with my new flow. At least getting better at it by the day!

I hope to share all I have learned in the past years of healing- so so many wonderful and unique healing tools.   I hope they can serve you in your healing and upgrade.

And remember, sometimes you just need to completely surrender to what the Universe has to offer you!

Be open to stop, drop in, and receive the new way…

In Love,


Yve Hart