Chastity Mancera   

Since a young age I have struggled with anxiety and depression.

In the recent years, I have only felt the anxiety and depression get worse. It wasn't until this year that I sought out help. 

Normally I would not have even thought of reaching out to anyone because of how much anxiety I would feel. But the way I was living my life had become unhealthy and lonely. I felt disconnected with my authentic self. I had stopped caring much about most things, and felt lost and stuck.

I pushed myself to reach out and it was Yve who I connected to. 

After my first session, I left feeling an open heart and a sense of HOPE I had not felt in a long time. Through her insight, I was able to tap into and experience the love I was lacking for myself. My body/mind was vibrating at a higher level after the techniques she used. 

I started to practice some self care & self love. 

Something I had not done in a long time.

After my second session I felt even more openings and more love. I felt at peace and a sense of true freedom from within. We are working on healing my depression and anxiety and I feel positive and motivated to move forward with this new energy. I am calling in my authentic self under Yve's guidance. 

The last few months had left me thinking something like this could not have happened I had felt so lost and hopeless. But, here I am feeling a re-birth. Stronger and open to give and receive unconditional love. I am seeing myself in a different way! On the path to clearing out old beliefs and to more healing. 

While I give myself credit for being open to calling in shifts and changes in my life, I also am humbled by the support and energy Yve has given to me. 

She truly has a gift to heal and give Love. 

My experience with Yve feels deep, meaningful & important. 

Chastity Mancera   

Yve Hart