Stacy Banda

I have experienced many of Yve Hart’s offerings that include coaching, workshops, Theta Healing Certifications and The 40 Day Green Cleanse. All of them have been extremely uplifting for me and have been part of assisting me to experience huge shifts in my life and experience myself and life in a whole new way.

My first experience was joining The 40 Day Green Cleanse. The cleanse was so much deeper than an eating experience. Yve has a blessed, gentle ~yet deep way of guiding me/us/the team to cleanse mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. Through this experience, I shed layers and detoxed my physical body, let go of negative energy in and around my body, and have had a WHOLE NEW APPRECIATION FOR MY BODY! I have learned to LOVE so much of my self, naturally. I learned to listen to my body’s inner guidance for nourishment and to follow through to feel my BEST! It works! This program offers genuine tools for everyday life- even after the cleanse.

I was honored to take the Beginning ThetaHealing® and Advanced ThetaHealing Certification Courses with Yve Hart. This was where HUGE shifts happened quickly for me! I WOKE UP and found ME! Theta Healing taught me to connect the GREATEST energy I have ever known. Through this connection I have gained greater insights for myself & my family. I have had a greater understanding and perspective of the world, greater appreciation. I find it difficult to put into words, it’s so much greater than words can explain!

I am currently taking the series of Intuition Playshop’s for Women at the moment and I find it is so much fun. It’s a playful and non-intimidating way to find, sharpen, and expand our intuition. Our abilities feel so much greater with more women in the room-a wonderful and open group of women they are indeed!

Each of these amazing journey’s have opened my eyes, opened my mind, spirit, and soul. I am grateful to share a greater light with the world. I wouldn’t have found these parts of me without Yve!!!!! She has assisted my transformation into a butterfly!

From each of these workshops, I have gained greater confidence, compassion, love, support, beautiful friends, and THE BEST TEACHER!

I love the person I am continually growing to be, thank you Yve Hart!

Stacy Banda

Yve Hart