Tonya Ivashkov, Sacred Art Alchemist 

My Journey back to creative source energy!!!

About 6 years ago while I was letting go of my traditional talk therapist, I had a vision of the type of healing work and person I really wanted to work with. That person was really a magical being that is tapped in to source energy who is a modern shamanic light worker.  

Then, I remembered the healing power of Yve Hart and what I had felt in the sacred circles and workshops that I attended in the past and I wanted that special connection and support in my life by in a deeper way. 

Fast forward to about 10 months ago. Something hit me, hard. I reached a wall where I was just done. Done being the victim of my reality and ready to shed my old layers. I remembered the vision I had with Yve and I decided to reach out to her for guidance and work with her in 1:1 sessions.  The work I did with her was truly transformative in my life and I've been on a journey of self discovery uncovering the layers of beliefs and vows that no longer serve me anymore and getting incredibly honest with myself. I am a warrior of the light awakening to my truest path. Nothing can stop this connection to self and my creative source.

So now, I just recently attended a ThetaHealing® Beginning DNA certification course that Yve was teaching.  I feel like this workshop was for me was to build even deeper roots in my trust to my own power and the divine connection with source. This workshop helped the reconnection to my intuition while being guided by source creation energy in all actions and how I create in the world.   

I really just wanted to share this with more people because I believe in this reconnection and healing work is vital to our growing consciousness for positive change in the world. 

So If u are feeling connected to this work and you are on the fence,  just take the leap and trust your hearts guidance. One step at a time. 

Tonya Ivashkov, Sacred Art Alchemist 

Yve Hart