Are you a healer looking to strengthen and broaden your healing and empathetic abilities? In our sessions, we will work to rewire your belief system with letting go of the things that hold you back from health, love, and living your dreams. This is an important and a vital part in manifesting your desires in a much more "ease-full" way!  You will be coached in how to follow your own inner guide with more confidence and clarity, so that you start to naturally recall your own body's innate wisdom which is imperative to an abundant happy life.  

As a medical intuitive, I have witnessed that many times guidance can come through on foods, cleansing, nutrition, or exercises to implement in your daily practice- these are only suggestions to check with your own body and/or doctor as I am not a licensed medical doctor or nutritionist.  My work thrives when you are connected to your own intuitive gifts and clear energy field so that you can reach the next level/s of your evolution. It is my desire that the answers you need will naturally come your way.  As we work together you will see big improvements in your action steps moving forward in life rooted in your new ‘story’.   

Each session is tailored to your needs.

Personalized Coaching:

Heart-Mind Life Coach, Advanced ThetaHealer/Instructor, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Writer, Speaker, and Artist.

Sessions are each personalized and may include:

ThetaHealing, Medical Intuition, Heart-Mind Life Coaching or Inner Guidance Coaching, Past Life Regression, nutritional support through medical intuition, individual or group support through the program ‘The 40 Day Green Cleanse’, Sound Healing, Energy Healing/Clearing, processing through Art Therapy, and/or Intuitive Guidance.  

A commitment to work in a higher degree with a package deal is my best way to serve you.

Schedule your appointment with me for a 20 minute exploration call to see if these sessions align with you.

Packages available per availability


Heart-Mind® Life Coaching

Take small actionable steps daily toward your goals with these tools that are given to you during our coaching time together. The Heart-Mind practices are useful as daily tools while in sesion and for you to do at home to see consistant upward results.

  • Learn how to do less and get more done

  • Chart your continuous improvement in your daily presence

  • Redirect yourself through the challenges in life

  • Establish coherance; a physiological resposnse to describe a statae in which the immune, hormonal, and nervous system function in a state of energetic coordination.


Theta Healing is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and trauma in the unconscious mind.

Theta Healing works instantly to transform negative thought patterns or beliefs on all levels and in the DNA, empowering you to re-create your life as you choose.

Scientists have discovered that the Theta brain frequency has been found to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, facilitate deep relaxation, improve mental clarity and creative thinking, reduce pain, promote euphoria, and provide access to instant healing.

When doing Theta Healing, the brain instantly goes into a Theta brain state. It is when in this state you are able to work directly with Source, your channel, Spirit, the Universe, higher self, God or Creator of All That Is, (depending on your spiritual abeliefs), to facilitate powerful healing. 

Everyone can learn to achieve this state in minutes with practice. Being in a theta state while manifesting increases the chances of a manifestation to about 80-90%. Just talking about things will sometimes manifest things in your life, and the chances of this happening are about 30 - 40%.

I work with YOUR dreams in mind while removing anything that is in the way of them with ThetaHealing.


As used in partner with ThetaHealing is powerful and fun. It's a delightful experience to offer to clients helping them not only access records in time, bring forth virtues, end the old patterns, and open up their Psycic centers.  

We use crystals because have many amazing properties which have been known for centuries and in recent times have been proven to assist us in many ways.  If crystals are laid out on and around the body in a specific way they can help the client reach and maintain a meditative brain state or theta brain wave. 
The crystal help to hold a theta state for a long period of time which makes it much easier to relax and observe. A crystal grid is used to create a "wormhole" that will allow you to safely pass from one reality to the next. 
Since all time is concurrent (law of time) it is easy, in a meditative state, to journey to any point in "time" or place to view it right Now. Many people are affected by past choices made we made or made by ancestors and events that appear in this lifetime as patterns or incidences that feel impossible to resolve. 
A Crystal Viewing will take the client back to the very beginning of the pattern or an ancestors and resolve its echos in your life today changing the morphogenetic field around your DNA. 
This healing session will help a client to resolve issues that are affecting them TODAY by allowing them to return with the lessons and gifts from a previous time where the issue originated, grounding the resolution firmly in the now. 


ThetaHealing® Certification Course:

Many of you are natural healers or professional healers or want to explore your inner-g (guidance) and wish to make a turn in your career or life.  You may have the desire to learn the Theta Healing® modality that will help you heal yourself and others from the limiting blocks that hold you back. Check out the special 3 day retreat and certification courses below!  This is for you even if you do not wish to make this a career choice, but looking to dive in deep into your understanding of "self" and how we work as energy beings.  

Classes will be posted once time becomes available

Energy Practices:

Learning to work on myself using energy techniques was one of the ways I got myself well over 25 years ago from chronic illness and depression. There are a few modalities I work with to illuminate a persons’ field. Clients that work with me benefit from clearing up energy blocks, chakra balancing, releasing entities or negative energy, clearing personal or pysical space, learning to work with the golden light and the auric field, reaching theta brain state and learning to be more intuitive and empathic in a safe, and new way free from outdated ways or beliefs that go along with ‘the old way of the healer’.


Online and in private Cleansing:

My online course, The 40 Day Green Cleanse starting in January 9th is up for purchase now.

Individual and private guidance is also available as a partner to the cleanse.

Set up a free mini exploration call.