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 Hello, I’m Yve…

I am a Heart-Mind Life Coach, Advanced ThetaHealer/Instructor, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Writer, Speaker, and …

I am an artist, truth-seeker, student of the mystery of life. Believer in the power of our inner guidance, an alchemist, and community builder.  I am deeply committed to peeling away the emotional, mental, and physical layers that keep me and all of us separated from our most authentic expressions of self. 

I am dedicated to lead those who understand the value of cleansing on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

I am dedicated to those that understand there is a special way of navigating through life that isn’t controlled by the mind; that the body is a vessel to be respected; that we are born to be healed from trauma that was once of the past; even the traumas that do not belong to us, such as ancestral traumas.

I am dedicated to women and men who have been putting off their health and emotional symptoms, who are now struggling with challenges. Those that want to up-level their current health and to retain a new sense of awareness and perspective on life.

I am dedicated to those who believe in the power of forgiveness and how working with it, instead of against it, clears the way for new possibilities when we are able to forgive ourselves and others. 

I am dedicated to those that are seekers of truth, magic, wisdom, and those who want to connect to their own innate ability to receive inner daily guidance. 

I am dedicated to those who understand the value of a guiding light in their life, that helps them in reigniting their abilities to find their own light and guidance from within.  

I am dedicated to those who find value in transforming trauma, stories, and unconscious patterns into a new light and a source of power. 

I am dedicated to those who are committed to their personal integrity and who will be the guiding light, healers, and teachers for our future generations. 

I am committed to the children, to remind them never forget and to continually strengthen their innate intuitive abilities, to deepen and trust their connection with the divine and the earth-—for children are our true teachers.

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